Frequently Asked Questions


1.       Do you offer discounts? We do not offer discounts. We offer competitive pricing. Feel free to shop around so that you can get the vendor that matches your price point.

 2.       Are there travel fees involved? There are no travel fees for the trial or wedding day. However, If the venue requires a parking fee, the client is responsible for reimbursing the total cost.

 3.       Can I mix and match the different packages? Feel free to mix and match based on your bridal needs.

 4.       Is there a separate price for blowouts or short hair? No. All hairstyles fall under one price no matter the length or style.

 5.       What is needed to hold my date? A 20% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract is needed to secure your wedding day.

 6.       When is the final payment due? Final payment is due the day of the wedding before services begin.

 7.       Do I bring my own hair extensions? Clients are responsible for purchasing their own hair extensions and bringing them to the trial and wedding. We recommend the following vendor:

 8.       What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup? Both traditional and airbrush makeup are good for weddings and can have long lasting effects. Airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic, water proof and last up to 24hrs. Airbrush makeup also gives a more natural look.

 9.       Can I add a person for services the day of my wedding? Yes! people may be added to the services as long as there is time in the beauty schedule.

 10.   Are your products hypoallergenic? We do carry hypoallergenic makeup. We highly recommend airbrush makeup.

 11.   Where do the trials take place? We are freelancers so trials take place at your location of choice.

 12.   Do you do hair for toddlers?- Yes! We do hair for all ages and work well with kids.

 13.   Will you travel to more than one venue?- Yes! We will travel to more than one venue

 14.   Should I bring my own makeup? We have an assortment of makeup for all different skin types and tones. Feel free to bring a specific product you want us to use.

 15.   Will the same artist who comes to the trial come to the wedding? Yes! The same artist who does your trial will also do your hair and makeup for the wedding.

 16.   I loved my trial but now I want a different look for the wedding day. Can I change my look? Yes! If you have a change of heart regarding hair and makeup let us know. We can schedule another trial at normal cost or make the necessary changes the day of the wedding.

 17.   How clean should my hair be before receiving services? Hair can be 1-2days old.