Bride Jolina

“We are excited to make you look and feel so beautiful on your wedding day!”

Wedding Date: October 12th, 2019

Wedding Venue: Handsome Hollow

Package: Diamond

Assigned Artists: Aleetha Clanton & Tawanda Gladman

Makeup Products Used:

Skin Prep: Embroyliss, Urban decay eye primer, Pore Filler,

Airbrush Foundation: Temptu S/B Foundaion, NuDE Pink Airbursh, Pink Pearl Highlighter,

Eye Makeup: Lid-Fenty Liquid shadow in the color Summer Fling Top Liner: Maybelline

Lashes- Ardele Wispies Brows: Kat Von D and Anastasia Mascara: Kat Von D

Lip Color: MAC and Kosas Mixed

Hair products & Technique Used:

Tools: Small Bun Foam, 2” Curling iron

Products: Amika Blockade heat defense serum, Amika dry shampoo for roots, Amika dry conditioner for mid shaft-end, Amika undone volume texture spray, Amika the shield spray humidity spray, Amika intense hold hair spray

Technique: Start with low ponytail wrapped with a small bun foam in the color black. Use twisting and teasing to achieve a natural part


  • Remember to drink plenty of water (Your skin is AMAZING SO DON’T TRY ANYTHING NEW)

  • get a hair accessory for after removing the veil.

  • Trim some of the pieces in the front and at the back of your neck line.